Kajol’s mom Tanuja gets into trouble in drunken state?

30 Dec

Bollywood actress Kajol and Tanisha’s mother Tanuja got into trouble when she apparently asked the staff at Hakkasan restaurant in Bandra, Mumbai to pack the left-over food.

Kajol’s mom, Tanuja, along with her younger daughter Tanisha had been for dinner at Hakkasan restaurant in a posh locality in Mumbai on Tuesday. According to Ajay Beri, COO, Hakkasan Mumbai, Tanuja wanted the extra food to be packed. As it was against the policy of the restaurant, they politely turned down her request. Tanuja was apparently so drunk that she had no idea what she was doing. She began abusing the restaurant staff.

As per Ajay Beri, Tanuja even walked up to the reception and broke one of the award trophies and threw food on the floor.

However, Tanuja has a different story to tell. Tanuja revealed that when she asked the staff to pack the extra food so that she could give it to a beggar, they refused to oblige and said that they would throw the food away. They even told her that she should show the bouncers where exactly they can dispose off the waste.

Whatever the truth is, this is for sure that Kajol’s mom Tanuja has hit the headlines for all the wrong reasons!

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